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July 9, 2013
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// O N L Y W I T H Y O U.. //


Due to recent.. events on my behalf, I ended up making Karkat sick, then deciding to take care of him as it was my fault, he protested but of course, I didn't go down without my opinion at the top.

I rubbed my head, finishing up pouring the steamy soup into the bowl, placing the pot down and then picking up the bowl carefully to not burn myself while carefully bringing it into the other room I had forced Karkat to take camp in it. I placed it gently down on the table, giving him a questionable look upon my face, I wondered if he had the strength to even move his body. We stared at each other until he groaned and looked away, I guess not, I smiled kindly and lifted up a spoonful before blowing on it and bringing it towards his mouth. Chuckling slightly at the memories of my mother pretending it was an airplane, making the sounds as well. Retreating back to the bowl of soup, I brought forth another load of soup, once again, towards his mouth, continuing until he had enough.

I smiled at my childhood wriggler friend, funny story actually. I had accidentally bumped into him, sort of, but nonetheless, his Lusus and my mother said we connected, never leaving each others sides. Not literally of course. So we grew up together really, I would have to say I know that crabcake more than he knows himself, and same for him with me.

Karkat began to grumble, I looked down and realised I had been staring into space, recollecting on my old memories. "Yes?" I blinked at him, he stared at me and sighed, in a raspy voice, he spoke, "Hey.. [name], thanks.. for getting my ass fucking sick..!" I rubbed the back of my head, "I didn't mean to Karkat, you just came at the wrong time to decide for a romcom night." he grunted, agreeing, rolling his eyes, knowing that I had already scolded him for speaking as his voice was in a bad condition at the moment and that I would scold him again if he continued. I rubbed his head and stood up, grabbing the bowl, placing it in the sink then coming back into the lounge room. I knew exactly the thing that would cheer him up; romcoms. I smiled and went to grab his favourite one from the cabinet, the sappiest romcom he had, he watched it billions of times, still, always into it, watching everything he memorized from the smallest detail.

I placed it into the dvd player and switched the tv on, then pressing play on the movie. I smiled happy, like the greatest person I am, had changed Karkat's mood completely. I sat down beside him and crossed my legs, ready to watch the heart moving film he loved so dearly and I enjoyed it to a certain degree where watching it too much would lose my interest so I refrained from doing so too much.

After sometime, Karkat had laid down onto my lap subconsciously, still in awe of his favourite movie, it made me smile, I rubbed his head gently and only ever gently rubbed his cute, nubby horns every so often as I knew the worst in which could come from that. As far as Kankri told me, it was an absolute trigger, and causing such trigger would only question both the species on terms of conduct where their relationship stood. Or, whatever that meant. I laughed to myself. Patting away at the poor boy's head, soothing it as much as I could, he seemed happy enough in which I felt like I was doing a good job. Even though my heart was pounding in both my head and chest, I avoided doing such things that would cause discomfort.

I was slowly getting tired, and in need of adjustment. I tapped Karkat hard enough to catch his attention, squirming around to look up at me, "I need to move a bit, Karkat." I smiled, hoping he would let me, in which he did, he sat up. I reached for one of the pillows, and leaned it against the armrest of the couch then sprawling somewhat, back against it, one leg straight against the meeting from the seat cushions to the actual cushions of the couch and then the other formed in a sort of triangle, feet touching the side of my knee. Karkat crawled into the little triangle, leaning against my chest, snuggling up in the blanket. I placed my cheek upon the side of his head while stroking the other side of his head, him deeply purring in the pit of his throat, I smiled, hoping, just hoping, my heart would slow down just for a moment.

"Hey.. [name]?" his sudden speech had caught me from my dreamy daze, "Yes Karkat?" I felt him shuffle a bit until I saw him hovering over me, wearily, he placed his lips upon mine ever so gently, it felt like he was worried I'd break into a thousand of pieces when I should be worried about him! Though, it was selfish of me as I kissed back, catching him off guard, though he relaxed. As swift as he came, he left, looking away with tints of red forming adorably upon his cheeks. "T-Thanks.. for everything." I smiled, feeling blush rise to my cheeks as well, nodding. He adjusted back to where he was before, but opened the blanket to where we were both sharing it and it was a lot warmer in there than it was outside it.

We had stayed like the for the rest of the night, and I had enjoyed every moment of it, I loved to be able to take care of Karkat because you could almost get away with everything with him. And, he became a lot more loving and giving, despite he usual tendencies of pushing people away and denying the fact of any feelings at all.

But, even so, he wouldn't stay that long forever, the next morning, I had found myself being scolded once again, for not cleaning up yesterday.. hehe, opps. Karkat sighed heavily at my forgetfulness, slapping his face and running it down his cheek in annoyance. He looked at me while I was doing the dishes, I could feel his eyes on me, then soon footsteps beside me. I looked to my side to find Karkat helping me clean it up, before I could protest on how it was my fault, he quickly kissed my cheek then looked the other way. I could tell he was blushing, he could probably tell I was too. I slowly drew closer to him and finally, rest my head upon his shoulder, continuing in cleaning the dishes.
Another Karkat story.
He seems to be popular among the ladies.
Or men. ;u;

Oh well.
I hope you enjoy it!
And of course, watch out for Karkat's language.
I think this one is absolutely adorable but also a bit out of his character.

My Story.
Art by InsipidSoup.
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I'm a Scorpio, but my best friend and I took this test about what troll we were most like. 

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